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  • When God Taps Your Spirit With Assignment: The Story Behind the under HIS SHADOW Series
  • Love’s Intervention on Your Behalf: An Amazing Grace Wrapped in Amazing Love
  • The God Who Heals
  • God Who Directs Your Path
  • The God Who Sees in Times of Trouble


See within these true accounts how the Grace of God intervened in the challenges, struggles, and daily lives of ordinary souls – souls who are now aligned with a growing host of “Light Bearers.”

Embodied throughout the pages of THE LIGHT BEARERS you’ll discover:

  • The true meaning of Grace that’s yours for the asking
  • Amazing interventions that defy disbelief of “God with us”
  • How you, too, can live under the Shadow of the Most High God
  • Promises explicitly available for you, when you accept through faith the Redeemer of life – the Author of Love – the Provider of Daily and Eternal Salvation.