submission guidelines

                                      “NO GREATER FAITHFULNESS”

Submission deadline is December 31, 2016

HERE’S YOUR CHANCE! Join the platform of witnesses glorifying the LORD, as they give true accounts of His Grace in their lives. Make known your story of a miraculous healing, or right-on-time provision.  Share the testimony of how you were enlightened with Spiritual revelation and God’s Peace, during a crisis situation. Reveal how God’s empowering Grace sustained you through tough circumstances. Seize the opportunity to share your account of a heavenly encounter, a rescue from danger, or times of trouble when God saved you, or kept you from peril. Your testimony or story can either be your experience or that of someone you know. Encourage the many who have yet to believe. BE A WITNESS TO GOD’S FAITHFULNESS!


• Your story should be typed, with a maximum of 300 to 4,000 words.
Uploaded photos are welcomed.

• If protecting true identities is important, you can and may want to use
fictitious names and/or locations. It’s up to you.

• You have the option of submitting as an acknowledged
or anonymous contributor, or of using a pseudonym.

• Tell your story as though you were sitting among an intimate group of
friends: with emotion, humor, and a definitive outcome
(a transformation, unexpected blessing, or revelation).

• Understand edits may be necessary for clarity.

• Please do not send stories published in books that are not authored by you. Reprints from blogs and magazines are acceptable.

• I am not able to return your story. Please keep a copy.

• All contributors of selected testimonies will receive a request
for their signed permission of release.

• In the top left corner of your submission, please include your
legal name, street address, city, state, zip code, and your choice
of submitting as an acknowledged or anonymous contributor, or your
chosen pseudonym.

• At publication, selected contributors will receive their
choice of an honorarium of $50, or a donation of same
amount to a charity or ministry specified by the writer. Contributing
writers will also receive a FREE copy of

Email your story as an attachment to:, with NO GREATER FAITHFULNESS in the subject box. Or you can mail to:

 P.O. Box 885
Brookfield, Wisconsin 53008-0885

4 responses to “submission guidelines

  1. This book is a blessing to me, I hope to get my story done in time it will make a good Christmas gift

    . My family loved the last books I sent as a gift.

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