About Pat


Pat Broomfield Bradley is a Kingdom Daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, writer, and speaker. She is the author and editor of the under HIS SHADOW series which currently includes Intimate Encounters with The Abiding Presence, As Told by Ordinary Believers and THE LIGHT BEARERS: Witnesses of the Redeeming Love and Amazing Grace that’s Available for You. A second sequel or third volume, NO GREATER FAITHFULNESS, is projected for a late fall release.

On this site she’s created an interactive platform for anyone willing to share a true account and/or personal experience of God’s intervention of Grace in their life.

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Pat has expressed that her first inclinations to write were spurred by a fascination with words and stories during early childhood. But the maturity to hold on to that youthful calling, while navigating life’s bombarding diversions, took years to develop.

Fast forward to a mid-life completion of a Mass Communication and Journalism degree, a two year stint writing for North Texas newspapers, and several years of writing magazine articles, she thought she’d found her purpose again. Yet, a nagging discontent, prompted by a growing faith, eventually changed her focus.  In 1991, her first inspirational article was published in a Christian periodical. Since that time, she has concentrated on inspirational articles and Christian fiction.

She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers Association, the Author Academy Elite Association, and the Igniting Souls Association. Pat is impassioned with the mission of pointing souls to the Provider and Light of life, through stories and testimonies of ordinary believers, as they share the experiences of God’s Interventions of Grace in their personal struggles, challenges, and daily lives. Her mission objectives also include novels, screenplays, and light bearing messages shared with audiences.

Throughout the years God has determined and relocated the boundaries of Pat and her family through several career moves. She and her husband, James, currently reside in the state of Wisconsin. They are the proud parents of four adult children and grandparents to two grandchildren.

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